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Project Description
A bot for the Windows Live Messenger system, built on top of msnp-sharp (, using pluggable extensions to respond to various commands. Example usage: monitor a server, monitor your build process, application status or interface, etc.

This project, written in C# 4 for .NET 4.0, implements a extensible Windows Live Messenger bot. The project is built on top of msnp-sharp, currently using version 3.1.1. The bot will use a command-line like interface, so you can talk to the bot using commands and get responses in return.

  • Language: C# 4
  • Runtime: .NET 4.0 Client Profile
  • Future: Authentication with the bot (you must "log on" before you can issue any of the commands)
  • Future: Full logging of everything the bot does, receives, and replies with
  • All source code available, fully documented (that is, all public types and methods will have full XML documentation, source itself hopefully won't need comments)

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